Each and every person in Germany is supposed to be able to take up a study programme they are interested in – no matter their financial background. BAföG can be key to this freedom. The abbreviation stands for "Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz" which is the German Federal Training Assistance Act for students. The act regulates how the government funds students' training and studies in Germany.

The act says (§ 1 BAföG):

Students shall have a legal entitlement to individual educational assistance for training that is in line with their aptitude, suitability and performance in accordance with the provisions of this act if the student does not otherwise have the means necessary for their livelihood and training.

All BAföG advantages
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Up to 934€ per month!

BAföG lets you choose your study course by giving financial support when your family can't.

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Gifted Money!

Usually, you only have to pay back half the amount of BAföG you received and there is no interest on it either.

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Should your income allow it:

The maximum amount of repayment is 10.010€ and only needs to be payed back five years after your regular study period.

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You might be eligible for BAföG even if you own assets.

BAföG in a nutshell

Unsure whether you're eligible for BAföG?

Your possible BAföG benefit can range from 10 € to 934 €, as long as you are eligible. Check whether you are eligible and apply for BAföG Digital, because often there is more to it than you think!

Brief information

• As a rule, the first higher education programme is eligible for funding
• As a rule, a Master's programme is eligible for financial support if a Bachelor's programme has been successfully completed.
• The amount of financial support depends on the income of the parents as well as on the student's own income and assets
• Maximum grant: 934€ per month
• Additional income limit: annual average of 520€ per month
• Assistance is possible independently of the parents
• Maximum funding period corresponds to the standard period of study for your subject - extension possible in individual cases
• Proof of academic achievement must be submitted at the beginning of the fifth semester (one-time)
• Stays abroad (study or internship) can be funded upon application

BAföG digital application

With the BAföG Digital account, your new identity card (eID), or electronic residence permit (eAT), you can submit your funding application digitally and send it to your BAföG office. You will be guided through the application quickly. Supporting documents can be submitted later to meet deadlines. Your parents can complete the application in a separately accessible area. You already have submitted your application? BAföG Digital informs you about the current status at the office, missing information and supporting documents - by email and in your area.



Repayment information - Don't be afraid to take on debt!

• More information exclusively from the Federal Office of Administration (responsible authority for repayment).
• BAföG benefits are usually provided half as a grant and half as an interest-free loan.
• The amount owed is limited to a maximum of 10,010€, so that students have to pay a maximum of 77 instalments (only applies from the start of the winter semester 2019/2020)
• Repayment no earlier than five years after the end of your BAföG maximum funding period
• Repayment period up to 20 years
• Payment in instalments: at least 130€ per month (thus 390€ per quarter)
• Loan reductions or exemptions for low-income earners are possible upon application

First steps towards your BAföG application!
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First-time application

Basically for each first-time application (form with CV; at the beginning of each training stage). Schooling and professional career (included in Form 1).

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Follow-up application for financial aid

Provided that neither the competence of the Office for Education Grants nor the information on income, assets, bank details, etc. has changed, otherwise Form 1 must be submitted.

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Income declaration

Of both parents (parent-dependent grant) and, if applicable, of the spouse/registered partner (annually).

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You want to study abroad?

The form should be submitted together with 01 - Application for Educational Grant before starting an internship or training abroad. In case of continuation of a training abroad, this form should be submitted together with form 09 - Follow-up application for educational assistance.

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Do you have a child under 14 years of age?

Childcare supplement. For children under the age of fourteen who live in the same household as the person being trained, the parent is granted a childcare supplement in accordance with § 14b BAföG. If both parents are entitled to BAföG funding, they shall determine between themselves who is entitled to the childcare supplement.

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Not a German citizen?

Foreign students from non-EU countries are asked to submit a suitable declaration of residence status.

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Starting your 5th semester soon?

Form 5 serves as proof of academic achievement and must be provided once at the end of the 4th semester, at the latest before the start of the 5th semester; if necessary, it can alternatively be provided by the amount of ECTS points achieved.

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You want to update the income declaration of your parents or spouse?

The application can only be submitted until the end of the grant period (cut-off date). For the decision on this application, Form 03 - Income Declaration for the penultimate calendar year before the start of the grant period must also be submitted.

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Don't have the documents necessary for calculating parental income?

This form is not intended to be used to apply for advance payments. The application can only be submitted until the end of the grant period (cut-off date). Before submitting the application, please contact the Student Finance Department.

Further help

Checklist for BAföG application and BAföG FAQs

Checklist and BAföG FAQs help you with tips and advice on your application.

How to contact us

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BAföG Hotline:

06221 54-5404

Monday and Wednesday:

09.00 - 11.30
12.30 - 16.00

Closed: 18.12.23 - 12.01.24!

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Open BAföG consultation hours

Marstallhof 3, 69117 Heidelberg
Access via the circular staircase to the right of the entrance of Zeughaus canteen.

Monday and Wednesday:

09.00 - 11.30
12.30 - 16.00

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E-Mail for general questions about student finance:

BAföG feedback:


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Studierendenwerk Heidelberg

Student finance department - Abteilung Studienfinanzierung
Marstallhof 1
69117 Heidelberg

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Questions on pending applications:

Surnames A - K:

Surnames L - Z:

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BAföG Hotline of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research:


Monday - Friday:

8.00 – 20.00

Heidelberg student finance department is responsible for the following higher education institutions:
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