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Deutsches Studierendenwerk

This job exchange is a collection of contact details of companies, organisations or private individuals who have part-time jobs for students, created by the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg as part of its mission "Service for Students".
Studierendenwerk Heidelberg takes no responsibility for the content of the offers provided, or any other obligations that might originate from the offer's content. Furthermore, there is no provided examination of the content's legitimacy. We are publishing on our website the job offers for students including the contact information of the job providers.

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Companies, organisations or individuals who have side jobs for students, please fill the following form. Links to other websites will not be published. We keep the right to shorten description texts. The jobs are posted with contact information for the students, for 14 days at our service locations. At the same time, the jobs show up without contact information on our website. It is possible to extend the time in which the job is posted. The publishing of the job on our channels is provided free of charge.

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The job market is a public website. The content of the ads as well as any personal information is visible to everyone.

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