CampusCard Top Up

Top up your CampusCard here

How it's done

Step 1

Send us an email with your Uni-ID (e.g. xy123) or the CampusCard's number (lower right corner).

Step 2

You will receive a preliminary password via email.

Step 3

Change the preliminary password and top up your CampusCard with PayPal.

Step 4

All plug-in card readers, i.e. rechargers, photocopiers and washing machine readers, will now recharge the CampusCard at the next contact.


What is the CampusCard?

CampusCard is a chip card which can be used in many situations to make cash-free payments.

Where can I pay with it?

  • In canteens, cafés and at vending machines of Studierendenwerk
  • In washing machines in the dormitories
  • On campus at many photocopiers
  • In different Heidelberg University buildings (computing centre, university library, central language lab, sports institute...)

What are the advantages of having a CampusCard?

  • With a student CampusCard you always pay the cheapest price (in contrast: when paying with cash, the highest price for guests is charged automatically)
  • You reduce the time you spend waiting at tills thanks to quick and easy payments.

How do I get a CampusCard?

  • Ask our colleagues in the Infocentres or in cafés at the student union. You'll need to pay a €5 deposit in cash.
  • New students at Heidelberg University receive a multifunctional student ID - which also has a CampusCard function - at Seminarstraße without needing to pay a deposit.

Where and how do I top up my CampusCard?

  • At terminals in canteens and cafés and many other central locations on campus.

    • Cash with 5, 10, 20 and 50 Euro notes
    • Using a German EC card or credit card (either €20, €30, €50, €100 or €200)
  • At the tills in our cafés, in the ServiceCenter or in InfoCafé International (ICI)
    • Cash
  • Via Paypal under

Where can I see how much credit I have?

You can find out how much credit you have on your card by using the card reading machines located in all of our canteens.

What personal data is gathered?

No personal data is gathered in issuing a CampusCard. Please make a note of your card number or your Uni-ID. If you lose your card, then you can ask in the ServiceCenters whether a card has been handed in with your number.

What should I do with my CampusCard once I have graduated?

  • Generic CampusCard: hand in at ServiceCenter or InfoCafé International. You'll receive your credit as well as the €5 deposit (if the card is undamaged) in cash.
  • Multifunctional student IDs: these are held by the university once you graduate. Before doing this, you should empty the card of any remaining credit at our ServiceCenter or InfoCafé International.

What do I do if my CampusCard doesn't work anymore?

  • The CampusCard is generally very reliable if used properly and even once the chip is damaged, we'll still be able to verify the last credit amount on the card. If this does happen, please go to our ServiceCenters or on-site to our facility managers.
  • You can also use the return form if you need to return a faulty CampusCard. You'll need to send your faulty CampusCard, together with the form (entirely filled out), to Studierendenwerk Heidelberg. Your credit will then be transferred shortly to the bank account indicated on the form.
  • Please send both to: Studierendenwerk Heidelberg, Abteilung Finanzen, Marstallhof 1, 69117 Heidelberg