Information from the educational grant office in Heidelberg about BAföG.

Is study abroad eligible for financing?

§ 5 BAföG, § 16 BAföG

Study abroad can be financed if certain conditions are met.

1. Funding can be provided for the duration of study at a foreign educational establishment within the EU and until you obtain a foreign qualification.

2. Irrespective of a single-year period of study in Germany, financial support can be provided for foreign study depending on educational institute, course content, time and duration of the studies abroad within an integrated degree which includes transnational cooperation between a domestic and a foreign educational institute.

3. Additional study at a foreign educational institute, which is carried out within the framework of a domestic education course or as part of cross-border foreign study, can be eligible for funding for a period of one year, or in special cases for a maximum of two and a half years.

You can find further information and a list of all offices for educational support which are responsible for funding education outside of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

If you have any general questions, you can call a free hotline which is jointly offered by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the German student union (Deutsches Studentenwerk):

BAföG hotline 0800 2236341 Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 to 20:00

New! The Online eAapplication from the ministry of science, research and art Baden-Württemberg!

Infos and guidelines for BAföG abroad


How can the checklists help me?

The checklists provide tips and advice for your application. You can find the checklist for educational support abroad here.

What needs to be mentioned in your documents

When handing in/sending off your documents, please remember to check that the following is mentioned:

  • Name of the person to receive tuition or support number provided by the Heidelberg student union (not to be confused with the matriculation number)
  • If you don't (yet) know your support number, please state the following: place and name of the educational institute you studied at and the course of study, i.e. course/partial programmes which you were enrolled in and for which you have received a certificate for a final exam.

Contact via email

It is still not possible to submit legally effective declarations of intent (e.g. BAföG applications, additional applications, amendments) via email, appart from the case, where the documents arrive signed and scanned so that the signature is clearly visible. You still need to apply in writing - this means that all applicable deadlines, dates and other formalities must be respected.

Enquiries sent in online cannot be given priority. We kindly ask you to always indicate your postal address as, for data protection reasons, the internet should not be used for the communication of personal data.