Plain Language

This is the website of Studierenden-Werk Heidelberg.
Here you can find out everything about the tasks of the Studierenden-Werk Heidelberg.

People who study at a university or college are called students.
Studierenden-Werk Heidelberg takes care of the students.

Students get hungry and thirsty while studying.
That's why Studierenden-Werk offers them food and drink for little money.
To do this, Studierenden-Werk runs cafés and canteens.
A canteen is a dining hall for students.

Students need money to live.
That's why Studierenden-Werk advises them on how to get money from the state.
The money from the state is called BAföG.
Studierenden-Werk also finds jobs for students.
With these jobs, students can earn extra money.

Students need a flat or a room.
Studierenden-Werk offers them rooms in its halls of residence.
Halls of residence are houses with rooms and low rents for students.
Studierenden-Werk also offers rooms and flats in normal houses.

Some students have children already.
Studierenden-Werk looks after the children of students.
For this purpose, Studierenden-Werk has kindergartens for students' children.
With the children's pass for the canteen, students' children can eat for free in the canteen.

Sometimes students feel bad.
Sometimes students have worries and are sad.
Then the counsellors from Studierenden-Werk Heidelberg help them.
The counsellors from Studierenden-Werk know a lot about worries.
They help the students when things are not going well with their souls.

Some students do not come from Germany.
They come from other countries and want to study in Germany.
Studierenden-Werk helps these students.

Students also want to have fun.
That's why Studierenden-Werk offers them concerts, dance classes and sports courses.

Studierenden-Werk Heidelberg takes care of a lot of students.
The students study at different universities.

They are called:

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University of Education

Heidelberg University of Jewish Studies

Hochschule für Kirchenmusik

Universities of Applied Sciences Heilbronn

DHBW Heilbronn

DHBW Mosbach


Schwetzingen Technical Institute & Graduate Court Registrars' College