Have you already seen the Bergheim Campus growing?

Autorin: Aida Murtić

The new Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) was officially opened on 25 June 2019. Since then, Bergheim area is additionally joyful and forward-looking.

CATS brings together four institutions (South Asia Institute, the Centre for East Asian Studies, the Institute of Anthropology and the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies) in a form of collaboratorium that crosses disciplinary and regional borders. In that way, Campus Bergheim is officially growing as the third knowledge zone in Heidelberg (together with Altstadt and Neuenheimer Feld).

CATS has a new landmark: four buildings are surrounding a square with a newly-built underground library. Courtyard of the library is integrated into below ground structure, which is a true work of art. The interplay of dark and light bricks arranged to form the floor pattern bears the symbolism of numbers in Hinduism and Buddhism. The library hosts valuable collection of all four institutions.

If you still did not do it, visit the new inspiring area in Heidelberg or join some of the events that CATS is organizing. Whether you are a researcher interested in the work of the institutes there or someone in a search for hidden gems of Heidelberg – CATS is a place you should not miss!

All about what is happening in CATS you can find here:


More about the opening ceremony, you can read here: