Metropolink: Festival for urban art

Autorin: Aida Murtić

The blog-series for this semester is devoted to the organizations from Heidelberg, whose missions and projects inspire, move and shake communities.

Summer in Heidelberg brings us Metropolink Festival, the time when graffiti and street artists move in our quarters and start transforming city fragments into pieces of art. The city turns into a colourful canvas and street façades and electrical boxes get new outfits. Metropolink festival is growing every year since 2015, and the pieces of art remain standing dispersed all over: in Bergheim, Neuenheim, Rohrbach, Kirchheim, Weststadt and Bahnstadt.

Last year’s festival (2020) was organised in Patrick-Henry Village, the former residential area of the US army in Heidelberg. Artists painted 14 large-formats works of art and the streets turned into large open-stage. The Main Train Station got also a beautiful mural by PichiAvo, duo of artists from Valencia.

Once the urban art is there, it is available for visit and contemplation. All you need is to find it and discover the story behind. If you want to take part in extraordinary city tours, see the façade paintings and learn about artists who created then, then this is a thing for you: