Mehrgenerationhaus Heidelberg (MGH)

Autorin: Aida Murtić

The blog-series for this semester is devoted to the organizations from Heidelberg, whose missions and projects inspire, move and shake communities.

Mehrgenerationhaus is the meeting point of people of all ages, individuals and families, locals and newcomers. It is a place for neighbourhood get-together, concerts, exhibitions, learning and exchanging programs. Since 2007, Heidelberg’s MGH is located in Rohrbach (Heinrich Fuchs Str. 85). MGH is also building a multi-generational housing project on the upper floors of the Schweizer Hof and in neighbouring buildings.

Mehrgenrationhaus is a format worth thinking about. Under the umbrella moto “Together – for each other,” the German state is supporting more than 530 Mehrgenerationhaus all over the country. As every community is different, each of them gets with the Mehrgenerationhaus a forum to decide what are the priorities and fields of local action.

MGH Heidelberg is looking forward to every one of you willing to participate or co-create the programme for the neighbourhood. You can offer courses for children or show your baking skills by bringing food for some of the events: