Interkulturelles Zentrum Heidelberg (IZ)

Autorin: Aida Murtić

The blog-series for this semester is devoted to the organizations from Heidelberg, whose missions and projects inspire, move and shake communities.

We will not make a mistake if we start with the Interkulturelles Zentrum Heidelberg (Intercultural Center Heidelberg). Truly engaged in bringing together people and groups from different cultural backgrounds, IZ is the platform that promotes city’s cultural diversity and strengthens the links between all the elements of the Heidelberg’s diverse and beautiful urban society.

City Heidelberg founded Interkulturelles Zentrum in 2012, and ever since then IZ offers different participation formats for citizens with or without a migration background. The organization’s hub is located in Landfried, the former industrial area. Among the events organized by IZ are book readings and literature series, music projects and dance performances. IZ is also the central point of contact for migrant organizations.

It is hard even to list the amount of work done by IZ during the pandemic 2020 seeking to improve mutual understanding and keep the good spirit while the world as we knew it was crumbling. There is one thing you should not miss, and it is only one click away from you: the podcast launched by the Interkulturelles Zentrum. “Dreamers” is the podcast about activists and organisations who do not simply wait or criticize, but who take an initiative and make things happen. Let yourself be inspired by

With the moto “Solidarity. Without borders” (Solidarität. Grenzlos.) Interkulturelles Zentrum Heidelberg will mark the international week against racism in March 2021. Check the programme and join them: