The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge

Exhibition of the best design proposals

Autorin: Aida Murtić

The winner of the second competition phase for the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting Bergheim and Neuenheimer Feld should be announced in March 2020. During the first competition round in May 2019, the jury selected five best design proposals. In the statement of the jury stood, that each of the five proposals had used their own approach, being innovative and spatially sensible at the same time. These works will be exhibited once again in Bürgerhaus B³ in Bahnstadt between 23rd and 25th March 2020.

The City Heidelberg and International Buildings Exhibition (Internationale Bauausstellung, IBA) started developing the idea of the bridge over the Neckar River already in 2018. The overall goal is to improve the bicycle infrastructure and connect the university campus located in Neuenheimer Feld with the southern areas of Heidelberg. The bridge should also be part of the longer bicycle route between Mannheim and Heidelberg. During the participatory design phase, citizens of Heidelberg also had a chance to share their concerns, comments and ideas for the bridge. In online and public consultations, they were invited to reflect on the question of the new bridge in the panorama of the city, and think about open spaces and green areas that are part of the bridge conception.

The finalists of the competition are international teams composed of architects, city planners and landscape architects. The first proposal (Paris) brings the idea of the slim bridge made of red-coloured concrete. The second team (Paris, Karlsruhe, Mainz) designed the curved bridge with two different paths across the Neckar. The third proposal (Vahrn, Munich) sees the bridge as a network of paths that in the middle serves a lounge. The next team (Stuttgart, Berlin, Kranzberg) imagined the bridge that starts from Ochsenkopf, goes over Neckar and there becomes a sitting area. The last design (Stuttgart, London) offers a discreet and low bridge that leads to a viewing platform on the northern bridge pillar.

All the proposals keep reserved Gneisenauplatz as open public space with greenery.

Do not forget to see the whole exhibition; we are close to the final decision about Heidelberg’s new bicycle and pedestrian bridge!