Faschingsumzug 2020

Life in the carnival season

Autorin: Aida Murtić

Precisely at 14:11 on 25 February 2020, started another traditional Carnival Parade in Heidelberg. Bergheimer Straße hosted that Tuesday many wild beasts, clowns, princesses, and imitations of some of the famous persons.

Some fashion trends certainly changed since the March 6, 1848 when the first Carnival Parade in Heidelberg took place. Take a look at the old poster indicating the organization rules and the route:

In case you have spent the carnival season in Germany, it is important to recapitulate some of the key concepts: each carnival city has its own cheers (fool’s shout). Here in Heidelberg, “Hajo!” is the carnival greeting. In Mainz, a great destination for the carnivals, and not so far away from our city, you can hear “Helau!” as the traditional greeting. If you are in Cologne, “Kölle Alaaf!” (“Long live Cologne!”) is what you should shout. In Munich, do not forget to say “Ahoi!”

Also, do not be confused about the names Krapfen/Kreppel/Berliner. These delicious doughnuts just have different names but taste equally good.

Costumes in different cities sometimes follow the traditional colours, but do not put limits to your imagination and try to be a creature different from the one you are usually during the rest of the year.

If you are convinced that you and your group can contribute with wise humour to the Carnival Parade 2021, then apply! Heidelberg Carnival Committee just opened the call for the newt season: