Canteen Bildungscampus

Bildungscampus 8, 74076 Heilbronn
The canteen Bildungscampus in Heilbronn is a part of the 21 (multiple) award-winning canteens and cafés of Studierendenwerk heidelberg, which, in the spirit of sustainability has put an emphasis on regional, seasonal, fair-traid and BIO products. The students at the Bildungscampus can enjoy a variety of meals from the Swabian as well as the international cuisine, six days of the week. Vegetarians and vegans, as well as the fans of meat and fish will get their money's worth in the canteen.

FYI: just like in Heidelberg, you use CampusCard to pay in Heilbronn. Heilbronn students don't have to eat at their own institute; they can also go to other locations.

Bildungscampus 8
74076 Heilbronn

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