Nursery INF 685

Im Neuenheimer Feld 685, 69120 Heidelberg

Children are supported through their development by qualified educational staff in lovingly designed group rooms where children can develop their independence and put this into practice. There is also ample opportunity to move around and discover nature in the large outdoor playing area. Children are also supported in their decisions and in conflict situations, allowing them to make their first steps towards independence.

A regulated daily routine structured around set mealtimes, nappy changes and afternoon naps gives children a sense of security and familiarity.


80 places in eight groups for children aged 8 weeks old to 3 years.

educational concept Kita INF 685


Melanie Stieber
Tel.: 06221 54-96123
Fax: 06221 54-96090


Mo - Fr 7:30 - 18:00

The child daycare centre is open all year round from Monday to Friday (with the exception of official bank holidays and bridge days at New Year).

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