Child daycare Humboldtstraße 17

Humboldtstraße 17, 69120 Heidelberg

Our teaching is focused on encouraging children's creative development. We see creativity as asthetic development and the ability to perceive the world through exploration and motivation, connecting these with sensory experiences as the children process the environment around them.  

Artistic design is part of our methodical approach: in our children's art workshops, children are encouraged to explore the use of colours and to use wood, stone and other materials to paint or to create 3D objects.

Creativity also encompasses language acquisition, language training, reading, and providing children with written and oral culture.

Children also take part in decisions about projects or room layout. By doing so, we can cater to each child's stage of development and include all children.

100 places in seven groups for children aged from 8 weeks old to school age.

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Dana Panitzsch-Nittel
Tel.: 06221 42999-49
Fax: 06221 42999-39


Mo - Fr 7:30 - 17:00

The child daycare centre is open all year round from Monday to Friday (with the exception of official bank holidays and bridge days at New Year).

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