Europahaus III

Plöck 58, 69117 Heidelberg

Year of construction 1992
Location/surroundings Old town, little side streets and student union (canteen, management) are located nearby, as well as many pubs and restaurants
Number of rental units 52
Types of apartment 24 x single apartment
24 x single room in flat share
2 x double apartment for couples
Sizes single apartment: ca. 18 - 22 sqm
single room in flat share: ca. 18 sqm
double apartment for couples: ca. 36 sqm
Rent  single apartment: € 270,00 - € 285,00
single room in flat share: € 263,00 - € 270,00
double apartment for couples: € 263,00 (per person)
Furnishing in the rooms all rooms are furnished, kitchenette, lino or carpeted
Other facilities Washing machine, dryer, courtyard
Transport connections Bus stop a few metres away (stop: Peterskirche)
Cars/parking spaces no parking; cars/applications for a parking or driving permit not possible; pedestrian zone/reduced-traffic area in the whole of the old town area; bike racks
Other information 50% German and foreign short-term students German occupants are expected to demonstrate commitment to social issues, as well as preparedness to look after and support foreign students. Experience abroad and knowledge of languages are an advantage; patience and tolerance are vital. Not suitable for people who need some peace and quiet. Foreign students cannot apply directly to the Europa hall: only foreign short-term students who have been proposed by the International Offices at the university can live in the halls.
Students with disabilities A flat share on the ground floor is suitably equipped for tenants with disabilities. A maximum of 2 tenants in wheelchairs can live there.
Contact Mr. Kaspohl, Tel.: 06221 54-3568
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